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BFS 54
Buffer Fluid Systems

BFS 54

Product Description

  • Barrier pressure units of the BFS range perform all the functions of a barrier system essential for operating double seals (circulation and cooling of the barrier medium, pressurization of the barrier fluid and compensation of leakage). The BFS range is available in 3 basic versions:
    BFS1000: tank capacity 40 l, flow rate 6 l/min.
    BFS2000: tank capacity 100 l, flow rate 12 l/min.
    BFS3000: tank capacity 100 l, flow rate 23 l/min.
    The three BFS ranges are designed for hydraulic oil with viscosity values of 12 to 90 2 mm /s at operating temperature (tank temperature). The optimum viscosity of the class of the oil to be used has to be determined separately in accordance with the respective application.